Terms of Use (For international users)

 In order to use Dome Navi ("this Site") operated by GOTO INC ("we" or "GOTO"), you are required to agree to the terms of use set forth below ("Terms of Use").
 GOTO reserves the right to change the content of this Site without prior notice. You are encouraged to periodically visit this Site for updates or revisions.
1. Definitions
  1.  "User" means an individual or group who agreed to the Terms of Use.
  2.  "Registered user" means a user who registered necessary information in the manner specified by GOTO ("membership registration").
  3.  "Services" means any services provided by GOTO under the Terms of Use. The content and type of services may be changed, added or removed at our discretion.
  4.  "Content" means images, movies, music and any other produced items provided to Users by GOTO through this Site. The details and types of the Content may be changed, added or removed at our discretion.
2. General Rules
  1.  These Terms of Use are applied to all individuals who use this Site. By accessing and using this Site, you agree to be bound by these terms.
  2.  Individual terms and conditions and other terms and conditions such as Privacy Policy provided on this Site (collectively, "individual terms and conditions") are all part of the Terms of Use.
  3.  Users agree that GOTO may modify the Terms of Use or other terms without notice at anytime.
3. User or Registered user's Responsibility
  1.  Registered users agree to notify GOTO promptly upon any change to your membership registration information (address, telephone number, representative name and others).
  2.  Registered users are solely responsible for maintaining and preserving your ID and password and may not assign, lend or otherwise permit any third party to use the ID and password in any manner.
  3.  Registered users agree to notify GOTO immediately of any unauthorized use of your ID or password by third party and follow instructions from GOTO.
  4.  If GOTO requests usage history, usage method or any other information from Users, Users shall respond to such requests in good faith.
4. Prohibited Activities
 In using this Site, Users agree not to:
(1) use this Site other than for its intended purpose;
(2) impersonate other user or entity to use this Site;
(3) gain ID or password from other users or provide or disclose the ID or password to other users;
(4) interfere with the operation of this Site;
(5) disrupt or interfere with the function of our server or the network connected to our server;
(6) collect or store other user's personal information;
(7) provide antisocial group with benefits directly or indirectly,
(8) disrupt public order or morals or violate any domestic or international laws.
5. Discontinuation of services and cancellation of user registration
  1.  If any of the following becomes applicable, GOTO reserves the right to discontinue our service in whole or part or cancel the membership registration without notice.
  2. (1) You have not logged in this Site for 2 years;
    (2) You have breached any provision of the Terms of Use;
    (3) You have registered or provided false or inaccurate information;
    (4) You have defaulted on any payment obligation to us;
    (5) It was discovered that your membership registration had been cancelled in the past;
    (6) You have intentionally interfered with the operation of this Site;
    (7) You have engaged in conduct that damages trust relationship between GOTO and third parties.
  3.  Once your access is terminated or your membership registration is cancelled, GOTO may refuse to accept subsequent registrations on this Site.
6. Handling of Content and Service
 Users agree that GOTO reserve the right to modify or discontinue the Services or Content provided on this Site without prior notice.
7. Suspension and Termination of this Site
 GOTO may terminate or suspend part or all of this Site without prior notice for any of the following reasons.
(1) when we conduct periodic or urgent maintenance checks, or upgrades of equipment and system to manage this Site;
(2) when it is difficult to provide the services on this Site due to force majeure events such as fire, blackout and natural disaster;
(3) when we have otherwise determined that it is difficult to provide the services.
8. Intellectual property right
 All copyright and other intellectual property right of text, images, movies, etc. contained in this Site are the property of GOTO or its content suppliers. Users may not duplicate, reuse, reprint, electromagnetically convert, transmit, distribute or make secondary use of whole or any part of the Site without prior written consent of GOTO.
9. Management of personal information
 GOTO ensures appropriate management of the personal information of users obtained from this Site pursuant to the Personal Information Protection Law. Our personal information protection policy shall be as specified separately.
10. Links to this Site and other sites
  1.  Users are not authorized to post links on this Site without our permission. GOTO is in no way responsible for any damage resulting from unauthorized linking to this Site.
  2.  This Site may contain links to other independent third party websites ("Other Sites). The inclusion of any of such link on this Site does not imply any endorsement of the site by GOTO, or unless otherwise specified, should be construed in no way as any sponsorship, affiliation or association with the sites or its operators.
  3.  GOTO is not responsible for the content of Other Sites linked to this Site. GOTO is not liable for any damage arising from the use of such sites.
11. Indemnity
 GOTO is not responsible for any loss or damage in connection with your use of this Site or the related events.
12. Governing Law
 The Terms of Use and the establishment, effectiveness, execution and interpretations of any provisions on this Site shall be governed by the laws of Japan.
13. Mutual Resolution
 Any dispute arising between user and GOTO relating to services or use of the content on this Site shall be resolved by good-faith discussions between the two parties.
14. Agreed Jurisdiction
 All disputes arising in connection with the Terms of Use and use of this Site shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court in the first instance

Enacted on May 1, 2014