Privacy Policy

Dome Navi (this Site) operated by GOTO INC ("GOTO" or "we") may ask you to provide your personal information when you use our services.

We value and pay full attention to the protection of customer privacy. This Privacy Policy sets forth our practices regarding handling of customers' personal information. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our practices before you use our services.

Privacy Policy

 On Dome Navi, we are committed to protection of users' personal information with respect to your privacy ("personal information").
You may be asked to provide your personal information at individual discretion in the course of using this Site. When we ask you for the personal information, we will abide by this Privacy Policy and properly manage and protect the information.
  1. Collection and Use of Personal Information

    GOTO will collect or retain the users' personal information, or entrust it to others in whole or in part with your consent or for the following purposes only.

    (1) Delivering products
    (2) Providing product support and maintenance services
    (3) Billing for the products that you purchased
    (4) Responding to inquiries and consultation from users
    (5) Improving our services and upgrading our show content
    (6) Notifying change, suspension and termination of our services to users

  2. Security Control and Protection Personal Information

    GOTO will handle the provided personal information accurately. For the safety of the personal information that we collect, we will take appropriate measures to protect it from loss, manipulation, destruction or disclosure.

  3. Disclosure to Third Parties

    Without the consent of individual user, GOTO will not provide any user's personal information to any third party except when it is:

    (1) Required under applicable laws and regulations;
    (2) Required to protect against harm to the individual's life, property and safety;
    (3) Required by public and governmental authorities to accomplish clerical works as required by law;
    (4) Required to prepare document which will be submitted to public offices in the course of providing our services.

  4. Disclosure, cessation of use or deletion of personal information

    Upon user's request, GOTO will disclose, modify, cease to use or delete user's personal information only when we have verified the user's identity in an appropriate manner, unless we are otherwise permitted to refuse such request based on applicable law or for allowed business execution reasons.

  5. Changes of privacy policy

    This Privacy Policy may be amended without notice in response to change in the social environment, technical advancement and other circumstances.